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Inflatable River Rafts

Saturn Inflatable River Raft Video

Find yourself a whitewater river so that you, too, can experience the exhilarating rush of adrenaline while rafting aboard a Saturn inflatable river raft. Seeing as you can have such fun, even if on a budget, the inflatable river raft makes for great outdoor fun!

When deflated and rolled into the storage bag, the Saturn inflatable raft takes up little space. It can fit into numerous locations such as a closet, garage, or car trunk. Inflated, the Saturn river raft is as sturdy and durable as it is easy to use and smooth to ride. 

This adventure in a bag is made of heavy-duty, commercial grade material that is completely firm when inflated. The PVC fabric is strong and stiff; so strong, in fact, that you can hit it with a hammer and the Saturn inflatable river raft will be okay!

The Saturn inflatable river raft is also great for fishing. It is an excellent whitewater boat for 6 to 8 people.

Inflatable River Raft RD390

Model RD390
Length 13'
Width 5'9"
Tube Diameter 17.7"
Air Chambers 4 + 2 + 1
Floor Board Drop-stitch air deck floor
Weight 145 lbs
Package Size 55 x 25 x 11
Passenger Capacity 6+2
Inflatable Thwart (detachable) 2
Color blue/black

Saturn 13' inflatable river raft

Saturn river raft in Colorado river
Saturn river raft just exiting a waterfall Saturn inflatable raft loaded to capacity
Saturn inflatable river raft going over waterfall Saturn river raft with rowing frame installed

Saturn Inflatable Rafts sizes 13' and more are exclusively available from our dealer SaturnRafts.com
Model# RD390
SALE PRICE: $3,398.00
YOUR PRICE: $1,699.00
+SHIPPING: $99.00
TOTAL COST: $1,798.00

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